What is REGIE Networking Systems?

REGIE is a support system that assists individuals, educators, and businesses in meeting their educational/technical needs. REGIE is multifaceted and dedicated to accomplishing its goals through outreach collaboration, research evaluation, program development, technical assistance, and sharing with diverse learning communities within the Jackson community and throughout the state of Mississippi.

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What we offer

Network Design

  • Design network infrastructure
  • Install network electronics
  • Monitor network electronics
  • Service network electronics
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    Distance Education Training

  • We can design online courses for colleges and universities
  • Train professionals on the use of Microsoft Products for online course design
  • Write course materials on CD-ROMs.
  • Technical Advisement

  • Train Information Technology staff
  • Design Information Technology Departments
  • Design Technological Plans for Companies
  • Recruit Information Technology personnel for companies
  • Evaluate Information Technology Departments
  • Provide advice on hardware purchases
  • Provide advice on software application purchases
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    Programming Consultation

  • Providing any or all phases of software development
  • System analysis
  • System design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance
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    For information regarding services, you may contact:

    3220 Davis Road - Suite 2
    Byram, MS 39170
    Phone: 601.373.2600
    Email: microtech@myregie.net